Friday, October 31, 2014

Glass Block Walk in Showers - More Style and Less Maintenance

Glass Block Walk in Showers - More Style and Less Maintenance

You want to spend more time enjoying your home and bathrooms than cleaning them. If you'd like to stop bending down to clean those messy shower rails and film off the shower doors then a glass block walk in shower might be the right solution. This product is easy to clean, low-maintenance, highly durable and come in a wide variety of styles. In addition these showers can be installed on a solid surface tile, marble or granite base or a pre-formed acrylic base - so they can be designed to fit in any home or commercial application.

Benefits of glass block showers and walls include:
o Looks - provides a cool, clean contemporary look. Many designers are now combining the contemporary look of blocks in traditional interior designed bathrooms - creating a more eclectic design approach.

o Easy To Clean - Several patterns are designed to minimize spotting and residue in a shower applications. Consider patterns like Icescapes and Decora from Pittsburgh Corning or Wave from Mulia. They clean easily with just soap and water.

o Durable - The block are sturdy and mortared together unlike some flimsy shower wall systems that are only caulked to the walls.

o Light Transmitting - Opening up a shower with blocks will often create a brighter space on the interior of the shower - making it safer and more open.

o Privacy - Unlike clear shower wall systems these blocks can obscure views creating increased privacy.

o Design Flexibility and Color Options - Computer aided design programs are available to design glass block walls into spaces. In addition there are now colored glass blocks, designer patterns, beveled edges - the options have expanded vastly over the last 5 years.


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