Friday, October 17, 2014

Cheap Shower Enclosures - Frame Versus Frameless

Cheap Shower Enclosures - Frame Versus Frameless

Enclosed showers are preferred by homeowners, because they do not occupy much space in a small bathroom when compared to bathtubs. Unlike the bathtubs, which frequently overflow and wet the entire place, the shower enclosures does not mess up the bath spaces. A shower enclosure comes with a door which prevents water from spilling out. These shower cabins are cost effective and use less water when compared to a bathtub.

If you are looking for a shower enclosure for your bathroom, then you could checkout some of the websites that offer cheap and good quality products. You could compare the prices offered by various online vendors and get cheap shower enclosures that are equipped with several features. The enclosures are available in two different types, framed and frameless. You could pick the one that suits your bathroom the best.

Here are a few important points, which could help you choose the right shower enclosure for your bathroom:

Framed Enclosures
1.They are easy to install.
2.They are cheaper when compared to frameless enclosures.
3.They are not fragile, and hence make a good choice for homes with children.
4.There will be some small crevices in the frame, which cannot be cleaned that easily, because they will be out of your reach.
5.Due to the accumulation of the soap foam on the frame, these enclosures start emitting unpleasant odor.
6.Framed shower door opens only to the outside.

Frameless Enclosures
1.They are made up to thick glass and are durable.
2.Installation is difficult.
3.They can be cleaned with ease, because they will not have any crevices.
4.They add more space to your bathroom.
5.They reflect more light.
6.Frameless shower doors can be opened on both sides, in and out.
7.There are no chances of corrosion.
8.They are a bit expensive, when compared to framed enclosures.


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